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J & F Technology

1214 W. Boston Post Road

Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Office: 914-610-3323

FAX: 914-517-5699


Energy Saving Devices:

·       J & F Labs’ CORIS Energy Control Syste= m

o&nb= sp;     Control electrical outlets over the Internet

§       Remote Timer: turn outlets off and on using a web-based scheduling screen

§       Remote Temperature:  turn outlets off and on by setting= min and max ambient temperature through web-based screen<= /p>

§       Remote Price: Turn outlets off and on based on t= he current price of electricity

o&nb= sp;     Control groups of outlets with one command<= /o:p>

§       Turn all outlets off or on=

§       Set desired temperature range for a group of out= lets

§       Set a schedule for a group of outlet (e.g. the f= inance department)

§       Set a max price for electricity for a group of o= utlets (e.g. all dryers, all dishwashers, all water coolers, etc.)

o&nb= sp;     Get email alerts for unexpected events

§       Temperature above 85 degrees

§       No communication with outlet for 30 minutes=

§       Price of electricity is above 30 cents/kwh


Security Services:

·       Video surveillance systems=

o&nb= sp;     IP video cameras – indoor and exterior

o&nb= sp;     Video server to store video files

o&nb= sp;     Viewing station PC to view multiple cameras on s= ame screen

o&nb= sp;     Remote video cameras

o&nb= sp;     Remote viewing of cameras<= /p>

·       Door access control systems

o&nb= sp;     Key fob or card key access=

o&nb= sp;     Mag loc= ks or electric key sets

o&nb= sp;     PC control station for:

§       entering access rules and permissions=

§       entering key fob owner info and photos

·       Intercom systems

o&nb= sp;     Multiple entrances

o&nb= sp;     Apartment units

o&nb= sp;     Concierge units


Building wide Local Area Networks (LANs)

·       Fiber, CAT5e and CAT6 backbone networks

·       Supports BMS, intercom, door control, video surveillance, Internet

·       Broadband Internet access for tenants and staff<= o:p>

·       WiFi acc= ess points

·       Remote access to BMS, video security, door contr= ol system, intercom